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Article: Suji Pro

Suji Pro

Suji Pro

Written by Ali Cianciulli

The Future of Athletic Recovery: Suji Pro

At Suji, we've always endeavored to be at the forefront of the recovery technology industry. Since our inception in 2020, we've consistently evolved setting new standards in portable BFR technology. Our journey has been a pursuit of greatness, fueled by the feedback and aspirations of our community. Today, we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, following over two years of research and development.

Suji's Legacy in Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Technology

Suji has established itself as a market leader in portable Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) technology. Our mission has always been to make athletic recovery efficient, accessible, and affordable for all. With each step forward, we've introduced innovative solutions that are reshaping how BFR is utilized in sports medicine.

Suji's technology has evolved

Our journey from Suji's inception to the development of Suji Pro has been guided by continuous feedback from our users, here at Suji we are dedicated to improving the workflows of clinicians. We recognize the pivotal role that athletic trainers and physical therapists play in athlete recovery. Suji Pro, simply put, is designed to further elevate their experience and effectiveness using BFR.


The Suji Pro Advantage

Suji Pro brings several fundamental values to the table:

Enhanced Control: Maintaining precision is paramount in the realm of athletic recovery. Suji Pro gives clinicians additional control over BFR measurements, ultimately optimizing recovery outcomes.

Optimized Workflow for the Clinician: The refined functionalities of Suji Pro are designed to seamlessly align with the clinician's workflow, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

Opportunities to scale: Suji can now be seamlessly integrated across a whole athletic roster. The power of BFR for recovery, activation, and strength training can now be realized with one simple to use solution.

Evolution in BFR Utilization

Clinicians' approaches to utilizing BFR are constantly evolving, and we at Suji recognize this. Suji Pro empowers clinicians to explore more creative ways of incorporating BFR into their practice without sacrificing accuracy or the speed of implementation. Suji Pro's versatility and precision make it a valuable tool for clinicians seeking to push the boundaries of athletic recovery.


Trusted by the Best

Suji's current technology is already trusted by some of the top sports medicine practitioners in the world. We are proud to be the choice of 37% of all NCAA Division 1 college programs and 29% of all NFL, NBA, and MLB franchises. This level of trust reflects the reliability and effectiveness of our solutions, and with Suji Pro, we aim to further enhance the capabilities of these esteemed organizations.

Pioneering BFR Technology

Suji endeavors to always be at the tip of the spear when it comes to BFR hardware and software. We are a technology-first company, always evolving to produce the very best solutions for our users.

Join Us in Redefining Athletic Recovery

With Suji Pro, we're entering our next chapter in athletic and patient recovery, guided by our commitment to excellence and innovation. We welcome you to be part of this journey, one session at a time. Suji Pro marks a significant leap forward in athletic recovery technology, the result of over two years of dedicated development and an obsession with adding value to the clinician.

We're excited to introduce Suji Pro
to the world.

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