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Build Isolated Muscle Strength Quickly

Suji Pro

Introducing a portable Targeted Compression Training device, designed to be worn at the top of your arms or legs during exercise and controlled seamlessly through your smartphone, revolutionizing your workout experience. Targeted compression training isolates muscles during specific low intensity exercises to strengthen them.

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The App

Tracks and guides usage. Here you will find an exercise library of guided workouts curated by industry leaders focused on recovery, endurance, strength training, and more. Control your Suji Pro device right from your smart phone.

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Suji Community

Connect with sports medicine professionals, ask exercise & recovery related questions, and consume world class recovery content in our private community right from your desktop or smart device. Access automatically granted via the Suji app.

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Game Changers Trust Suji

Dr. Kelly Starrett

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dak Prescott

NFL Athlete

Brandon Chubb

Former NFL Athlete

Justin Rose

PGA Athlete

Mat Fraser

CrossFit Athlete

Brent Fikowski

CrossFit Athlete

Michael Redd

Former NBA Player

Zech McPhearson

NFL Athlete

What is Suji?

Explained by 6x CrossFit Games athlete and former United States Navy SEAL Josh Bridges

Say Hello to Suji Pro

Suji Pro utilizes targeted compression technology that has been used in sports medicine clinics for the last decade. Improve muscle strength & enhance muscle recovery in 3 easy steps.

01 Endurance

02 StrengtH

03 Recovery

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Benefits of Muscle Strength & Recovery

Muscle strength is a vital indicator of health for everyone; especially athletes. Muscular state, mainly strength, directly affects your ability to physically perform, your experience with joint aches, muscular pains & risk of injury, and even impacts your metabolic health.

14,000+ Suji Sessions Completed Monthly

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Are you a sports team or sports medicine professional? Book a demo today to experience our Suji Teams offering. Join the ranks of leading teams and discover why they choose Suji for athletic performance and patient care.