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Article: Suji Pro: Engineering

Suji Pro: Engineering

Suji Pro: Engineering

Written by Ali Cianciulli

Engineering Mastery in Suji Pro Development

At Suji, the evolution from a basic blood pressure cuff to the cutting-edge Suji Pro epitomizes our commitment to engineering excellence and innovation. The development of Suji Pro was driven by a desire to create a more portable, user-friendly, and efficient Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training system.

The engineering team, led by Product Design Engineer Erin Kennedy, faced several significant challenges. The most notable was designing a robust and intuitive pump-cuff connection. This mechanism had to be strong enough to withstand high pressures while remaining user-friendly. The solution was a patent-pending magnetic docking system, a groundbreaking feature that ensures a secure yet easily detachable connection.

Another major engineering feat was overcoming global supply chain issues, particularly for electronic components. This required strategic planning and adaptability, ensuring that the development process remained on track despite external challenges.

Q&A with Erin Kennedy, Product Design Engineer

Q: What was your primary focus in the development of Suji Pro?

  • Erin Kennedy:¬†"Our main goal was to enhance user experience. We aimed to create a product that was not just functional but also intuitive and easy to use. It was crucial that Suji Pro be more portable and user-friendly than anything we've developed before."

Q: How did you prioritize user experience in Suji Pro's development?

  • Erin Kennedy:¬†"Our approach was deeply rooted in user feedback. We recognized the need for a product that was not just functional but also intuitive. Ensuring that Suji Pro was more portable and user-friendly than our previous models was paramount."

Q: What were the major challenges during development?

  • Erin Kennedy:¬†"Perfecting the pump-cuff connection was a significant challenge. Balancing the strength required to withstand high pressures with ease of use and safety was a complex task that required numerous iterations and testing."

Q: Can you speak about the importance of teamwork in this project?

  • Erin Kennedy:¬†"Collaboration was key. Regular team meetings and maintaining a design history file ensured we stayed aligned and remembered why certain decisions were made. This cohesive process was essential to our success."

    The Suji Pro reflects Suji's commitment to advancing BFR training technology. It was shaped by user needs and brought to life by a team that values collaboration and excellence. As Suji Pro hits the market, it marks a significant milestone for Suji, reflecting the dedication to providing gold-standard equipment in the fitness and rehabilitation space.

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