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Get your Practical Guide to BFR Training

Implementing BFR in your clinic

“In the future, BFR training will be part of gold standard practice, prevalent in all athletic training rooms and physical therapy clinics, I have no doubt about that.”

Luke Vella, PHD
Head of Performance, Melbourne Rebels

Overcome the Perceived Hurdles

In this ebook, we discuss then three main perceived hurdles to implementing BFR training: Inducing muscle damage, the incidence of clotting, and BFR on blood pressure. Take a look, get your copy now.

User Safety

BFR can sound daunting but when properly employed following gold standard practice, ensuring user safety can be simple. Find out how, get your copy now!

Principals of Success

Just like normal exercise, the principals of progressive overload still apply. But with BFR we have more variables to play with. Find out how to get continued success with BFR by downloading the Suji ebook.

Free Ebook

The Practical Guide to Implementing BFR

This ebook has been written to provide the practical knowledge needed to successfully implement BFR training in the clinic and training room. 30 minute estimated read time.

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