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Article: Suji's Evolution

Suji's Evolution

Written by surinder rawat

The Genesis of Suji

Since its inception in early 2020, Suji emerged as an answer to a prevalent problem: the limitations of current BFR equipment. We recognized a gap and addressed it with a technology-first approach, leading to a portable, affordable, and gold-standard BFR solution.

As a team of 4 in 2021 with only a handful of UK pro sports teams as customers, we’ve since grown to a team of 15 in June 2023 servicing 24% of all major professional (NFL, NBA, MBL) and collegiate (D1 & D2) sports teams in the US.


Vision and Excellence

As we unveil our brand redesign, it's crucial to understand that this isn't just about aesthetics—it's a reflection of Suji's relentless growth, our commitment to excellence, perseverance, and the pursuit of greatness.

The Catalyst for Change

Every time a cumbersome piece of BFR equipment was set up, every instance an athlete's recovery was stunted by inefficient tools, the motivation to innovate grew. The market's offerings seemed outdated, and the glaring gap between patient needs and available solutions became impossible to ignore. This wasn't merely about rehabilitation; it was about transformation.

The pre-existing BFR equipment? Impractical, non-portable, and overpriced. Athletes deserved better. Their recovery shouldn't be held back by limitations in tools. Recognizing this gap, we envisioned a new standard: portable, affordable, and effective. That vision became our mission, and thus Suji was born, aiming to redefine athletic recovery.

The Birth of Suji

Suji wasn’t just a response; it was a revolution. Assembled by a passionate team of engineers and former athletes, Suji’s objective was clear: redefine the landscape of BFR equipment. We didn't just aim to bridge the chasm; we aspired to be best in class. Where our recovery wasn’t just efficient but also an experience accessible to all.

Setting Us Apart

Our differentiation between other brands? A technology-first approach, intensive in-house development, and specifically engineered features that elevate us above the rest. As we chart our path forward, our inspirations draw subtly from giants like Tesla and Apple—brands that marry functionality with aesthetic brilliance.

Looking to the Future

Our aspirations for the next decade are clear: To be a publicly known FTSE 500 sports medicine company operating in the USA, Europe, & Asia. Our customers will describe our products as “cutting-edge” and the Suji brand will be associated with inspiring narratives of excellence, perseverance, and the pursuit of greatness.

  • 1 Year: Being the gold standard in sports medicine and achieving consistent growth across the US health system.
  • 5 Years: Establishing Suji as an essential name in US injury rehab, with our brand permeating both sports and medical sectors.
  • 10 Years: Suji's global footprint in health and performance technology will be unmatched.

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