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Article: Unveiling the Future of BFR Training: Suji's Multi Device Control Feature

Unveiling the Future of BFR Training: Suji's Multi Device Control Feature

Unveiling the Future of BFR Training: Suji's Multi Device Control Feature

Written by Ali Cianciulli

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update from Suji that will forever transform the way Athletic Trainers utilize Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. Introducing Multi Device Control – an innovative feature that enables a single Athletic Trainer to control multiple Suji devices simultaneously from a single phone or tablet. With this cutting-edge technology, trainers can now unlock unprecedented opportunities for group-based BFR training sessions, recovery sessions, and more, taking athletic performance and rehabilitation to new heights.

Enhancing Efficiency with Multi Device Control:
Suji has always been at the forefront of BFR technology, and the introduction of Multi Device Control marks another significant milestone in our journey. With this feature, Athletic Trainers can streamline their training sessions, allowing them to manage multiple Suji devices effortlessly. Gone are the days of manual adjustments and individual device control – now, trainers can focus on their athletes and optimize their training programs more efficiently than ever before.

The Power of Group-Based BFR Training:
Group-based training has become increasingly popular in the fitness and sports industry. Until now, applying individualized and accurate BFR protocols in a group setting has never been possible. By integrating Suji’s Multi Device Control into their practice, Athletic Trainers can now leverage BFR training with multiple athletes simultaneously, revolutionizing the possibilities for group-based training sessions. Whether it's a team practice, group strength training, or recovery sessions, Suji's Multi Device Control empowers Athletic Trainers to provide a more personalized and efficient experience for their athletes.

Unleashing the Benefits:

  • Streamlined Rehab Sessions: With Multi Device Control, trainers can effortlessly adjust BFR settings across multiple devices, eliminating the need for manual adjustments one device at a time. This streamlined process saves time and enhances training efficiency, enabling Athletic Trainers to focus on providing individualized attention to athletes.
  • Personalized Group Training: Suji's Multi Device Control feature enables trainers to tailor BFR training protocols for each athlete within a group session. They can easily set individualized pressure levels, monitor exercise durations, for each athlete, ensuring that athletes receive optimal and personalized training experiences.
  • Enhanced Recovery Sessions: BFR training is not only valuable for performance enhancement but also for recovery. With Multi Device Control, trainers can conduct group recovery sessions where multiple athletes simultaneously engage in Passive BFR recovery protocols designed to expedite muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and enhance overall healing processes.

How Multi Device Control Works:
Suji's Multi Device Control is available now on the Suji app for only $490/year/institution. The intuitive interface enables trainers to adjust BFR settings and monitor progress seamlessly. The app's user-friendly design ensures that trainers can effortlessly navigate through the controls, making group-based BFR training sessions a breeze. 

Suji continues to redefine the landscape of BFR training with the launch of the revolutionary Multi Device Control feature. This groundbreaking update empowers Athletic Trainers to take their practice to new heights by providing unparalleled efficiency, personalization, and optimization in group-based training sessions. With Suji's Multi Device Control, Athletic Trainers can now unleash the power of BFR training on multiple athletes simultaneously, revolutionizing the way they enhance performance, expedite recovery, and elevate the athletic training experience. Embrace the future of BFR training with Suji and witness the transformation it brings to your practice today!

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