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Suji Pro

Targeted Compression Technology

With Suji, improve performance, boost endurance, and speed up exercise recovery by strengthening isolated muscles that contribute to muscle soreness and joint pain. And in less than 5 minutes before each workout, you can train like the pros.

Suji Pro:

Targeted Compression Training

With Suji Pro, you receive two devices and two cuffs, allowing for targeted compression training tailored directly to your arms or legs. These innovative devices revolutionize your workout routine by facilitating muscle recovery and strength gain without the usual strain. Plus, with the option to add an extra set of cuffs at checkout, you can further customize your training regimen for optimal results.

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Suji App:

Controlled by your Smartphone

The Suji App is your ultimate fitness companion, seamlessly integrating with Suji Pro to provide personalized guidance for your health and performance goals. Within the app, you can expect to complete a personalized onboarding plan and gain access to a curated exercise library tailored to your individual needs. For just $4.99 a month, unlock premium features including expert guidance, workout tracking, and progress monitoring—all designed to help you achieve peak performance efficiently and safely.

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Suji Community:

Built with a Supportive Network

Join the Suji Community—a supportive network of fitness enthusiasts and sports medicine professionals dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance. Gain access to a team of experts who can provide personalized advice on exercises and recovery regimens tailored to your individual needs and fitness journey. With the Suji Community, you'll have the support and guidance you need to reach your peak performance goals and feel your best.

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Reclaim Your Peak Performance Today

Unlock your full potential with Suji—where targeted compression training meets expert guidance and community support. Experience the transformative power of data-driven insights, personalized training, and expert advice as you build isolated muscle strength. Join Suji today.

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Are you a sports team or sports medicine professional? Book a demo today to experience our Suji Teams offering. Join the ranks of leading teams and discover why they choose Suji for athletic performance and patient care.